4 Easy Ways To Get Started With Eco-Living

1. Get Outdoors

When I started to spend more time working indoors, and not as much time out in the natural sunlight I started noticing significant shifts in my hormones, weight and moods.

I made the commitment to myself to spend more time outdoors every day, and get out in nature every chance I got. That might mean standing barefoot out in a park for 10 minutes, with my face looking into the sun. Gently breathing and eyes closed. With a big smile on my face. I must have looked really strange! But the benefits of feeling energised and centred and grounded were immeasurable.

A Man Hiking In The Mountain

So whether it’s hiking in the mountains, swimming in the ocean, or working in the soil with your hands – remembering your connection with the earth as well as the energy binding all of us together is an easy way to reconnect. Whenever we are in tune with this feeling, we are naturally drawn to those things that respect nature.

2. Spend Time With Yourself

As my grandmother used to say, ‘you cannot give what you do not have.’

So if we don’t invest time into caring for ourselves, then how can we expect to be able to take care of anyone else? The great form of self-love is to take the time for yourself to replenish your energy and reconnect.

So whether it is having a nice soothing cup of hot tea while reading a book, enjoying a soothing lavender bath or mediating for 5 minutes after you wake up – whatever you love to do that brings you some joy, just do it. Even if you only have time to do it once per week.

Feeling centred and rested will allow you to bring awareness to your emotional and physical states – which are a very reliable indicator of how you travel through life. Whenever you start feeling a bit off, your body lets you know that its time for you to stack a step back and become reconnected. When you are able to catch those feelings early you can reduce the chances of burning out and other health issues that are associated with it.

When you feel balanced, happy and loved, you are the best version of yourself, and you will be able to provide others with your best love. Your choices will gravitate naturally to things that are good for the planet and you.

3. DIY

Eliminating toxic chemicals out of my life has made a huge difference to my entire family’s health. Just taking this step during the first year that I re-committed to ‘going eco’ helped me save more than $15,000. Both my daughters and I have sensitivities to chemicals and foods, so I made changes throughout my whole house. It was a lot of fun to learn how to make products and infuse them with all of your love that aren’t harmful to your health. Another bonus is the reduced packaging.

The following are a few things that are easy and fun to make:

A simple household cleaner that uses essential oils (like eucalyptus), bi-carb and vinegar.

A luxurious facial scrub that uses cacao powder, coconut sugar and coconut oil

Room mists made of essential oils and filtered water

Almond milk – my favourite is lavender infused that I serve warm at bedtime.

4. Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

An old saying, but it definitely is timeless. There are numerous products that are available in the market these days that are made solely out of recycled materials. Clothing, cutlery, crockery, razors, trainers – and the list goes on!

When you choose to use reusable materials like stainless steel containers, glass jars and so for, you help to conserve valuable energy resources and reduce use of the landfill. I have a pantry full of beautiful jars which now serve as storage containers. I really love how beeswax food wraps smell, and how the fabric food pouches look that my daughter take with them to school.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get the knitting and sewing talents that my great-aunt and Gran had, but it can be just as effective to find a good seamstress or relative who can repair clothing. I have a lot of fun participating with people in online groups who loving clothing as much as I do. We trade and swap what we don’t want any more and refresh our wardrobes that way. We have also been able to form some beautiful friendships.

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